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10th August 2018 Friday 18th Week of Ordinary Time - St. Lawrence


2 Corinthians 9:6-10, John 12:24-26

“A grain of wheat”

We celebrate the feast of a very little-known saint, St. Lawrence. St. Lawrence was the grain of wheat that fell to the ground and yielded a rich harvest. He died for Christ because he knew that Christ died for him first. Today, let us imitate this great Saint! We might not be asked to give our lives as martyrs. However, we can still give our lives by dying to ourselves: our selfishness, greed, impatience, temper, pride, etc, and instead, let Christ’s life become stronger.

The story of St. Lawrence or any other stories of our favourite Saints are not just for us to listen and admire, but it is for us to listen and emulate.Today, let us ask for God’s grace to follow the examples of so many holy men and women who have given their lives for Christ!

Questions for reflection:

1) What prevents me from being a grain of wheat that chooses to fall to the ground and die so that I can give life?

2) How can I express my love for Jesus today?



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