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9th October 2018 Tuesday 27th Week of Ordinary Time

Galatians 1:13-24, Luke 10:38-42
“Serving God with love, in love”
Martha invited Jesus to her home. However, she was so distracted with all the serving that she felt frustrated at her sister who was not at all doing anything to help her. To the rest of the people who were present at that moment, they might see Martha as a hardworking and gracious host. However, Jesus saw her heart and knew that Martha was serving, not out of love, but anxiety.

In the family/ community/ parish context, what is our reason for our serving, caring and doing good?

Mary, on the other hand, listened to Jesus. She made Him her top priority. Thus, she did not mind her sister’s comments or what others thought of her. For Mary, Jesus was the ‘better part’ at that moment.

Today, may our words and actions flow from the desire to please and love Jesus alone.

Questions for reflection:
1) What is my motivation for doing things for God and others?

2) What prevents me from making time and space to sit at Jesus’ feet and simply rest in His presence?




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