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12th May 2019 Sunday 4th Week of Easter


Acts 13:14,43-52, Revelation 7:9,14-17, John 10:27-30

“Listening to the Shepherd’s voice”
Listening leads us to encounter Jesus and follow Him with trust and tranquillity. Many times, we follow ideas we have about Jesus. But, when problems surface, it is so easy to be preoccupied and lost in our emotions that we flee from Jesus.

Today, let us take this moment of prayer to be still and open to listen, once more to the Shepherd’s voice. Let us have a more intimate encounter with Jesus, so that we can truly experience Him as our Good Shepherd who knows and loves us even in our stubbornness,
deafness and indifference.

Questions for reflection:
1) Have I ever experienced the love and care of Jesus in my life?

2) Do I rejoice in listening to the Shepherd’s voice?


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