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บทรำพึงพระวาจาประจำวัน13th June 2018

13th June 2018 Wednesday 10th Week of Ordinary Time - St. Anthony of Padua

1 Kings 18:20-39, Matthew 5:17-19
“God’s Law”
Today, Jesus invites us also to respect God’s law to live out the spirit, not the letters of the Law. He completes and fulfils it with the Law of Love, i.e. to love God and love others in our daily lives. Let us look deeper into our lives and see that our hearts are full of love for God as we live our lives in accordance with His will. Let us also examine if our faith in God leads us to increase our love for others, even those whom we find it hard to love.

God’s Law of Love calls each of us to be in union with Him and with others. If our lives do not reflect this, then we have failed to grasp the call of the Gospel.

Today, let us open our hearts and let God’s love transform our lives so that we can truly keep the Law of Love and teach it to those around us by our own words and deeds.

Questions for reflection:
1) How do I live God’s Law of Love?

2) Do I view His Law of Love as a heavy burd



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