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บทรำพึงพระวาจาประจำวัน14th June 2018

14th June 2018 Thursday 10th Week of Ordinary Time

1 Kings 18:41-46, Matthew 5:20-26
“Killing with words”
The commandment not to kill extends to ‘killing’ the reputation and character of others by gossiping, slandering and judging. This is because there is as much hatred in our hearts when we take a weapon to kill a life and when we use words to kill.

Therefore, Jesus challenges us to have peace reign in our hearts and to make peace with one another before we can worship God with pure hearts.

This is not easy as we struggle many times with hatred and anger in our hearts. Our greatest assurance is that we can turn to Jesus and ask Him for the grace not to continue ‘killing’ but to have enough peace to try loving instead.

Questions for reflection:
1) How do I express my hatred or anger against someone - through silently judging him/her, through listening to rumours, through spreading gossips, etc?

2) How can I have peace in my heart today?



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